Answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Are candidates listed on the database direct employees of Credible? No. Candidates listed on the database are independent contractors or freelancers who have joined the Credible platform, representing themselves.
How does Credible gather information on candidates? A candidate's bio is made up of direct feedback from verified previous employers. This information is gathered every time a candidate completes a project on the platform, or from us contacting the candidate's previous employers directly.
How do I pay my candidate? With Credible, you can choose between a variety of payment methods including VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. Payments on Credible are processed through Stripe, a secure global payment gateway utilising industry leading payment encryption and security.
I wasn't happy with my candidates performance, how do I claim a dispute? Most projects get completed on time and as expected on Credible. However, if you were unhappy with your candidate’s performance and have not been able to resolve the issue directly, we will step in to assist. Click the ‘Contact us’ section on our website and reach out to us. We will be in touch to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Can I get an invoice? Yes, all payments have invoices that can be downloaded and printed.
How do I know if a candidate is available or not? When you search for a candidate, you can input the desired start and end date for your project. Most candidates will have indicated on their profile whether they are available or not for your proposed dates. This will appear in your search results, next to the candidate's name.
How do I contact a candidate? You can send a direct message to any professional from their profile page. Once you have sent a message, you will have the option of creating an offer for them.

Note: Including as much detail as possible about your proposed project will ensure your candidate is able to submit an accurate cost estimate.
How much does it cost? There are 2 payment options. You can choose between either a subscription fee of $89/month for each account using the platform, or alternatively you can pay a service fee of 7% of the payments made to the candidate once the project is underway, with nothing upfront.
How often will I need to pay my candidate for projects? How you set up each individual project will determine how your account will be debited. Hourly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly projects use our automated billing system. Fixed price projects are divided into agreed-upon milestones. When a milestone is hit, you as the employer will need to approve the work before each payment is made. You can set the milestones directly with the candidate and assign each milestone a custom value.
How much does it cost to use Credible? Nothing! If you're a jobseeker, contractor or freelancer, Credible is absolutely free.
Who is Credible designed for? Credible can be used by anyone looking for new opportunities. The platform is primarily designed with professional freelancers, contractors and temp-workers in mind, but if you're looking for your next salaried opportunity, Credible is a great way to showcase your professional history to the right people.
How do I sign up to find work? Just hit that 'Sign Up' button at the top of the page. You'll need to be over 18 and have local working rights. From there, you'll be asked to add some basic details about yourself, as well as contact details for two previous employers. We'll conduct a free reference check for you and you'll be away!
How do I create the best profile? Employers and clients will be looking for as much detail as possible from previous employers. Your profile will look great if you provide referees from recently completed work, ideally with referees who were managing you directly. These reference checks will make up most of your profile when you first join the platform. Your profile will be stronger with each completed project on the platform. Make sure your referees are aware they will be receiving a call from us to conduct a reference check.
Do I need to pay tax on my Credible income? Yes, you do. All income made on Credible will need to be disclosed as business income on your tax return. You need to record the gross amount (total project price) paid to you by an employer on Credible. You can view all previous invoices paid to you for projects completed on Credible at the Previous payments' screen.
How do you check my references? Firstly, we conduct a work email verification to verify the referee's contact details. Secondly, our team will call the phone number of the referee supplied by you and conduct a free reference check over the phone.